Tunstall funding by M&G, Barings passes European Commission ‘concentration’ review

The European Commission, in a brief filing on EUR-Lex, has stated their ‘non-opposition’ to the ‘concentration’ in Tunstall Group Holdings’ additional funding obtained by M&G Investment Management and Baring Asset Management via share purchase. Tunstall announced this funding in April [TTA 10 April] and filed with the European Commission on 3 June (prior notification).

The definition of ‘concentration’ in the EU is the legal combination of two or more firms by merger or acquisition. The prior notification from the Commission considers that this concentration may fall within the scope of the Merger Regulations but reserved a decision on this.

Charterhouse Capital Partners, the prior controlling investor, is not mentioned in the prior notification. Revealed in the notification is that Baring is actually controlled by MassMutual in the US, a surprise to this Editor. Hat tip to a Reader in the UK industry who wishes to remain anonymous.

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