The five-point digital health checkup meets the FBQs

Checking up on some of the issues that the D3H crowd (Digital Health Hypester Horde) tends to skip merrily by, Dan Munro’s analysis hits several nails on the head and then some, with his points touching on our FBQs–the Five Big Questions*–we first outlined exactly three years ago (integration was added last year).

  1. Who has the rights to your data? You or only your doctor? (#3) And why not you?
  2. Need drastically improved standards of safety and security in devices. From those black hatted device hackers to the lack of updates by manufacturers and FDA‘s apparent discouragement–it may not be an an FBQ, but it impacts #5, data integration.
  3. Accuracy. Are these devices accurate or only ‘kinda’? How do you play off accuracy versus convenience?
  4. Privacy–what about it? Business models call for sale of ‘de-identified’ data which can be tracked back and re-identified. (#1) And what does your activity say about you-ooooo? (#3)
  5. The business model. Aside from who’s paying for the device and how much (#1, #2), #3 is still there–who’s looking at the data if you purchased the kit? And who’s liable for interpretation–and errors?

5 Point Digital Health Checkup (Forbes)

* The Five Big Questions (FBQs)–who pays, how much, who’s looking at the data, who’s actioning it, how data is integrated into patient records. 

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