European Knowledge Tree Technology Group Conference summary (UK)

This conference was held in a very salubrious conference facility at the LSE on March 24th & 25th. The organiser – Maggie Ellis – delivered her customary eclectic selection of contributors: there was a very broad range, from telecare and telehealth stalwarts through to insurers specialising in the financial issues of older people, management gurus and broadcasters advising on how best to get a story on radio or TV. In short it is like no other, and so has a faithful following among a certain group of assistive technology professionals, many of whom travel from continental Europe and beyond to be there.

Almost no-one talked about proving benefits of assistive technology; the focus was on how best to deliver those benefits that no one doubted were achievable. The highlight for me was (more…)

European Knowledge Tree Technology Group 2014 Conference (UK)

The European Knowledge Tree Technology Group (EKTG) has met periodically since the Ambient Assisted Living Forum in Odense in 2010. Recent meetings include sessions at AAL 2013 in Sweden. It is an ad hoc high level group drawn from across technology, finance, service, policy and innovation sectors. It has drilled into the barriers and drivers around mainstream market uptake of independent living services.

The Group will meet again in London on 24 & 25 March, 2014 at the London School of Economics to to consider a range of interconnected care-related topics:

  • How does technology and care procurement take place?
  • How do we educate the people who need it?
  • Making the media work for you.
  • How do we pay for what’s needed?
  • What are the costs and systems of care?
  • What can technology do for: Heart Disease, Mental Health, Sensory Deficits?
  • How can we transfer technology from field to field, nano to macro technologies?
  • Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues – do you meet them?
  • Communicating in emergencies
  • If the power goes off, do services work?

The Group aims to bring together key players from user groups, industry, finance, public and private stakeholders, policy makers (and, as they say in their blurb, YOU…). To join those key players, click here.