Keeping it cool: LifeinaBox mini fridge for meds goes Indiegogo

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]The LifeinaBox two-pound mini-refrigerator for medications has debuted today (13 Sept) with a crowdfunding raise on Indiegogo. Since our 3 July article, the company headed by Uwe Diegel in France has determined its delivery date (June 2018) and directed all pre-orders previously made on the website to the Indiegogo US site. The goal is $50,000 over the next month on a flexible raise (funds are kept even if goal is not met), so this is clearly a test of market demand. The website and the Indiegogo site are beefed up considerably with the basic unit now at $180 for early birds (still available) and $250 with a battery pack. Prototype units run on 110 or 220 volt AC current, external battery pack, or car charger, and are monitored via app. As back in July, this Editor thinks that solutions for specific, even narrow, but important problems are absolutely on trend in this uncertain environment–and the more important (painful?) they are, the better for the company. Hat tip to CEO/founder Uwe Diegel.

LifeinaBox: portable refrigeration and monitoring for heat sensitive meds

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]On this year’s trend–that the companies which look freshest and newest solve specific but important problems–is the debut later this year of LifeinaBox. It is a portable refrigerator/app combo for those who must travel with their medication at a stable, cool temperature, generally between 36 and 46°F (2 and 8°C).

According to CEO Uwe Diegel to this Editor, “There are about 3% of the population that are prisoners of their medication.” In France alone (where the company is), 1,5 million people are dependent on temperature-stable medication. The idea came from a critical situation experienced by his brother Olaf, when a hotel froze his insulin rendering it useless. Medications that must be kept cool are diabetes (insulin), some medications for arthritis and multiple sclerosis, plus growth hormones, but there are also topical steroidal creams that should not be at room temperature. 

The pre-ordering website (starting on 14 Sept) explains the app interface, which monitors the fridge temperature and battery life, also serving up medication reminders and health tips. The fridge itself is under two pounds (900 g) with a rechargeable battery and also directly powered by 110 or 220 v. current or car charger. It can hold refills and vials, for example with a capacity of eight regular medication pens. Other uses this Editor can envision are for disaster and crisis situations where rescue workers, EMTs, and military have to work quick, fast, and lean, throwing it into a backpack. Hat tip to Mr. Diegel via LinkedIn.