Facing Future: Walgreens CEO moves company into strategic review–will he get WBA board alignment?

Walgreens’ CEO Wentworth positions for turnaround. “This is not a 12-month turnaround story” said Mr. Wentworth at the TD Cowen healthcare investor conference. To this Editor, the public honesty and lack of cant (a/k/a “PR Speak”) was refreshing. His unobvious caveat though was aligning the board around what he and the new executive team–very few if any carryovers from the prior regime–see as the direction of the company and asset management.

The WBA board is led by executive chairman Stefano Pessina, who has a vested interest in a turnaround. He is the lead individual shareholder of WBA with apparently 10% of shares with other insiders (including the COO of WBA International, Ornella Barra, spouse of Mr. Pessina) having about 17%. Large institutional investors (Vanguard, State Street, etc.) have over 60% of the company. The share price has fallen about 40% in the past year (from early March 2023) and 55% from this time in 2022. (Derived from WBA and Yahoo Finance)

Example: This Editor has estimated from public information that Walgreens sank north of $10 billion into VillageMD, from initial and then controlling interest, then funding the buy of Summit Health/CityMD. This is a huge and recent investment that is going sideways in a span of less than three years. It does take some nerve to walk it back. TTA 22 Feb

Other key points Mr. Wentworth made, according to the most complete report in Crain’s Chicago Business, was that this was not a prelude to some massive unveiling of a New Walgreens, that it would be a ‘starting gun’ for the work to be done, and that investors would be updated through the process. The review will include:

  • Evaluating its 8,000+ location footprint based on current and projected population and type of usage
  • US Healthcare assets including the already shrinking VillageMD [TTA 29 Feb], home care benefit management services primarily for payers CareCentrix, and specialty pharmacy Shields Health Solutions.
  • Shields is apparently no longer up for sale per earlier reports but Boots now may be
  • Smaller assets around clinical trials and pharmacy fulfillment centers

The next earnings call is 28 March, when undoubtedly more will be revealed.

FierceHealthcare caught up to this as well.

Editor’s POV on ‘musts to avoid’: Walgreens’ chief medical officer, Dr. Sashi Moodley, was interviewed during ViVE24 by Mobihealthnews, It is only remarkable in how he sidestepped direct questions beyond the first two lengthy ones on a virtual care initiative, generating a fog of non-answers around VillageMD closures and corporate strategy that became peasoup thick by the last question. (Kudos to Jessica Haden for not going wobbly.) The dubious wisdom of placing a C-level in front of the press at a ‘hard and tough news’ time, one whose expertise is clinical in nature, most comfortable in speaking to that and not corporate strategy, plus evidently has a hard time editing/limiting responses, should be rethought. 

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