Are you an entrepreneur dreaming of riches?

Well if you are, you need to come along to the free London Health Technology Forum meeting on Monday 14th September when Neil Foster, Corporate Partner in lawyers Baker Botts, and the person responsible kindly for providing the Forum with a beautifully appointed room and excellent hospitality, will be talking to us about Exits.

He will be joined by David Blair, chartered accountant and chief financial officer of a number of companies. Between them they will tell you everything a good entrepreneur needs to know about exits. Exits of course are where entrepreneurs begin to cash in on all their hard work and long hours; some become very rich.

As planning for your exit should start when you establish your company, it is critically important to know what your options are now, in time to ensure that when the time comes, you are prepared, so you can secure the maximum value for the organisation you have personally established and grown.

They will cover the following topics: (more…)