Scanadu hitting the tech ‘glitch’ wall?

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Tricorder XPrize-qualifying Scanadu, which eventually raised a stunning $1.6 million on Indiegogo [TTA 23 May 13], has stopped delivery of units to its early backers which started on 31 March. According to its blog late this week, their readings were not working as expected for temperature, there were inconsistencies in reading scans between the Scanadu device (categorized as ‘investigational’) and the app (via the smartphone), and the manufacturing tool to make the devices broke. Scanadu CEO Walter De Brouwer stated that “We hope that this (the delay) will not be more than 8-12 weeks.” The Scanadu Scout was also submitted for FDA clearance but requires usability studies to gain approval. In this Editor’s experience, all tech devices eventually hit the ‘glitch wall’, either at or near the outset or when the system scales up. Better to fix now than later, and kudos for their C-level for being forthcoming–because most are not. Also MedCityNews.

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