Saving a life with Google Glass

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]Further to Contributing Editor Toni’s posting on Google Glass being used during cardiothoracic surgery [TTA 26 August] is this report of a Glass app, CPRGLASS, coaching the user through CPR and developed by . The camera utilizes an algorithm which can detect a human pulse; the coaching provides music to do compressions by (at 100 per minute), uses the gyroscope to determine their adequacy, tracks time, number and calls 911 with the proper location as well as contacting nearest hospital. Even The Gimlet Eye likes this app as part of the proper potential in healthcare–as long as it isn’t mixed with the MTV Video Music Awards which would spell Cardiac Doom. ‘OK Glass, Save A Life.’  The Application Of Google Glass In Sudden Cardiac Death John Nosta in Forbes

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