Resources dear boy, resources – useful stuff TTA has been sent recently

During this editor’s brief holiday, the interesting reports really piled up, so here is a selection of what look to be the best, including a few that never got blogged previously:

G3ICT & AT&T have published an excellent new report entitled ‘The Internet of things: new promises for persons with disabilities

The European Parliament has produced an extremely useful compendium of articles and statistics on the silver economy: well worth reading (or at least bookmarking for writing that next EIP AHA project proposal).

If like me, use of the ‘Euro’ prefix always brings to mind the Eurosausage episode of Yes Minister, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by this new online database of digital services for carers of older people jointly produced by Eurocarers and the EC’s Joint Research Centre, and hosted by Eurocarers. This offers access to 78 good practices of digital services for older care at home.

Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report is essential reading for anyone working in the mobile space who wants to understand the uge changes taking place in usage of different media. Most striking is their finding, widely reported, that smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online.

The Health Foundation proposed a strategy for achieving the NHS Forward View that nicely emphasises the importance of process improvement, without which technological innovation is rarely beneficial. NESTA looked even further ahead with their optimistic report on the NHS in 2030.

The Data Protection Eurobarometer was published, with some depressing statistics.

Mobile Health Economics produced their EU Countries’ mHealth App Market Ranking 2015.

The GSMA has recently updated its mHealth website which now has extensive coverage of hte topic, especially in the developing world.

In a world where trust in many professions is being undermined, ResPublica produced a most timely report entitled In Professions We Trust: Fostering virtuous practitioners in teaching, law and medicine.

The Department of Health published the NICE Triennial Review and the MHRA Triennial Review (to both of which this editor, as Managing Director of DHACA, contributed on behalf of DHACA)

Marketsandmarkets produced an extremely expensive report suggesting that the worldwide Healthcare IT Market will be worth $56.7 Billion by 2017.

Developer Economics looked at app store growth in 2014, and reported an acceleration. There are some really interesting statistics on growth by sector in there.

Karen Taylor from Deloittes produced a blog entitled How digital health apps can become a change agent for health care that quoted exclusively from the PatientView report entitled What do patients and carers need in health apps – but are not getting? On the same subject, Open Democracy produced an article A 24/7, transparent NHS – or the rise of the planet of the apps? that went so far as to wonder whether apps are a Trojan horse to introduce a pay-NHS (there is a logical thread there, albeit pretty tenuous).

Mobihealthnews produced a pay-for report on branded hospital apps for patients.

Hat tips to Prof Mike Short, Dee Sullivan, Alex Wyke and Dr Nicholas Robinson.

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