Organizing the ‘quantified self’

gimlet-eyeThe Gimlet Eye and Editor Donna were just chatting about organizing the tidal wave of email we receive every day, when over the transom floated startup Tictrac (a takeoff on TicTac breath mints?), a ‘lifestyle monitor’ that will organize All That Data for the Determined Quant. It synchs with over 45 services, including Fitbit, Facebook, Runkeeper and Withings, to not only aggregate and correlate data (e.g. to high email use) but also manage goals such as losing weight. Not only that, it will connect the dedicated quant to outside sources such as coaches (who undoubtedly will pay per connection.) But will it organize email, mitigating our (unmeasured but very real) stress? This Startup Measures How Much Stress Email Gives You, And Helps You Reduce It (Business Insider)

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