Medvivo comes of age (UK)

A year after this editor began his three year stint with Telehealth Solutions, we had a corporate near-death experience, as money got very tight waiting for that first big telehealth order (thankfully it came, courtesy of NHS Norfolk). In those days of reduced salaries, and few employees, we could only dream of becoming a full service remote healthcare monitoring organisation.

This week’s announcement of the acquisition of Magna Careline shows how things have changed in just five years. After being acquired by Moonray Investors, an arm of the mighty Fidelity Group in the US, funds were no longer so constrained with the result that the company was able to expand rapidly, acquiring Wiltshire Medical Services, a leading provider of out-of-hours services, and changing its name to Medvivo. The addition of Magna Careline now makes Medvivo one of the very few organisations in the UK able to provide a full range of remote health & social care monitoring services: a hugely impressive transformation. In particular, users will benefit from Medvivo’s clinically-focused telecare service and their expertise in promoting the integration of health and social care services.

This sets them up well for when the UK begins truly to embrace technology enabled care services…and let’s hope that’s soon as the NHS desperately needs the twin benefits of improved patient outcomes and reduced costs that such services provide if correctly implemented as part of a changed care delivery plan. (There are a few investors looking for a return on their investments, too!)

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