Luxe workchair becomes telehealth chair

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”175″ /]Sit down, relax and let Sharp Electronics‘ Health Care Support Chair do the telehealth work. It will, once you arrange yourself comfortably on the proper sensors, take your body temperature, heart rate, weight, and blood pressure, and put it up there on the big three-part screen to tell you if you’ve been good or bad. The cloud service behind it presumably will store and analyze your information, then send to your doctor if you choose.

Here’s the ‘wow’ view from the chair.[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”175″ /] Telepresence Options noted that Ubergizmo tracked down the chair to the super-luxe MWE Labs‘ Emperor 1510 workstation–an interesting repurposing which demonstrates that health sensors can be incorporated into furniture. It was unveiled at the September CEATEC Japan show and is perhaps designed to address the needs of the rapidly aging but affluent populations of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea who do not want to mess with mobile devices or apps. Also SlashGear.

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