Introducing the What in the Blue Blazes spot

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When touting telecare and telehealth, sadly occasionally one encounters negativity, so I try to avoid negative comment myself for fear of adding fuel to the fire.  However, once in a while an item appears that really does pull you up short.  So TTA has decided to introduce a “What in the Blue Blazes” spot, to which reader nominations are also encouraged.

Pride of place as first entry is a new research2guidance report, Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017, which will lighten your wallet by £812 for individuals, and considerably more for multiple access.  The FierceMobile summary of the report is here.

As a (free) taster, this highlights 10 key trends that it reckons will shape the mHealth market until 2017.  These include:

1.   Smartphone user penetration will be the main driver for the mHealth uptake

2.  mHealth applications will be tailored specifically for smartphones or tablets

6.  Buyers will continue to drive the market

8.  mHealth market will grow mainly in countries with high Smartphone penetration and  health expenditure.

There are six more penetrating insights where these come from.

A  caveat on the survey methodology is that the “324 opinion leaders and mHealth app publishers” surveyed are largely with early-stage companies, with a sprinkling of consultancies and major players thrown in. Could this put a rosier picture on commercialization, market sizing and barriers than is realistically warranted?

It is of course up to our readers to determine the report’s value.  In the past, research2guidance reports have been favorably reviewed in TTA for their data analysis, which is also extensive here, and these can be of value. However for this Editor, it is our first ‘Blue Blazes’ award.

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