Gesture-based control of the Kompaï robot (France)

A number of Robosoft’s Kompaï robots were put out and about with academic institutions [TA May 2010] to encourage a diversity of developments that may eventually lead to it becoming a companion robot for old or disabled people. The following video shows the result of one such collaboration, with Kompaï being taught to respond to gestures. It’s all very early stage but could have potential for use by people who have lost language function owing to strokes.

[This video is no longer available on this site but may be findable via an internet search]

According to the information on YouTube, the video “shows gesture-based control of the robuLAB10/Kompaï robot performing the tasks of person tracking and person following. Both gesture-recognition and person-tracking algorithms use input from the Microsoft Kinect camera mounted on a pan-tilt mechanism. We used a set of gestures to switch between the tasks and to finally stop the robot. The video shows two scenarios in which we implemented two different person-following algorithms. This work was done in collaboration between Humbolt University of Berlin (Germany), Ben-Gurion University (Israel) and Robosoft (France) as a part of EU FP7 INTRO project.”

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