Geonovo’s high performance digital telecare platform (UK)

Back in November 2011 Geonovo won the ‘Best Innovation 2011’ prize at the Telecare Services Association’s Crystal Awards ceremony at the conference for their RSP-100 Personal Safety Phone. [TA Nov 2011] Now they have announced the launch of Home Health Hub, a “groundbreaking [and futureproofed] telecommunications package specifically designed to ensure highly resilient connectivity for telecare users.” The Home Health Hub system includes:

  • A low cost telecoms and telecare package with free broadband
  • Telecare alarm phone and wireless router
  • A network management system that constantly monitors the line and router
  • A 6-hour service level agreement and engineer response

And it is available to partners/service providers. More information in the press release but you might also want to read TANN England Editor Chrys Meewella’s take on it.

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  1. nicholas robinson

    the annoying thing is theat they have trademarked “Home Health Hub” -a commonly used descriptive term for a home health hub!

    Do we now have to say/add TM every tiem we use the term??

  2. Steve Hards, Editor

    The TM has no legal significance – in the UK, at least. It only indicates that the words are being used as a trademark. So anyone can call their kit ‘Home Health Hub’ and put TM after it, any time until it is registered. But the phrase would be possibly be considered too generic to register as a trademark. See this site re the legal status:

  3. Donna Cusano

    I will speak from the US side as it appears that they have TM’d the logo ‘H3 Home Health Hub’ not the term ‘home health hub’, which as plain English wouldn’t stand up in the filing as unique or a special mark for their product. If they were US, the TM indicates that they [u]filed[/u] to protect the logo as a trademark but do not have their (R) registration mark yet. I once heard this referred to by an attorney as a ‘keep off the grass’ sign.