Chubb® Care System announced

Telehealth & Telecare Aware does not often find itself parroting big company press releases. However we are making an exception for Chubb which some have portrayed as the weakest of the ‘big three’ telecare equipment & service providers. It’s therefore nice to see the launch of their Chubb® Care System, announced on 11 December, described as “an enhanced assisted living solution that uses industry-leading, easy-to-use technology to protect individuals in the comfort of their home.”

The Chubb Care System is claimed to enable residents of sheltered and extra care housing to communicate quickly, clearly and securely with on-site and remote staff, as well as off-site monitoring centres.

The housing management portal included within the system is apparently accessible to estate and housing managers through a smartphone, PC or tablet. This enables them to view, add and edit resident call history, telecare and telehealth information, as well as video and speech capabilities.

One of the major benefits claimed is that housing managers will save time by using the Chubb Care System, as its single portal provides complete visibility to the system and status of residents;  it can also be integrated into any building management, CCTV, fire, access control and door entry system.

“The Chubb Care System has been developed with a keen sense of the needs of those who use it,” said David Hammond, general manager of Chubb Community Care. “It can be tailored to suit individual resident’s health requirements, including those living with dementia and learning disabilities; it provides assurance to family members that their loved ones are well cared for within their environment; housing managers have simple and straightforward access to the full range of necessary resident information, in any number of properties; and it is set up so housing professionals can track and measure the level of care provided in all the properties they manage.”

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