Camden telecare service promotional video (UK)

Camden is a council in North London with a population of 236,000. I hear that Camden has done good things on the telecare front…so why does their new one-minute advert for the telecare service concentrate on pendant alarms? Ah, the mysteries of councils’ marketing and communications departments!


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  1. Leslie Morson

    Camden Careline
    Telecare as in the basic support and reassurance that is delivered via the ‘traditional dispersed alarms’ service model offer, still accounts for the vast majority of ‘Telecare’ service delivered throughout the country. For vast numbers of service users, families and their carers as well as the wider social care and health economy, this basic service offer continues to represents excellent value for money. ‘new Telecare’ is great for those that have that level of need, but this service should not be promoted over and above the basic service offer that continues to deliver ‘what it says on the tin’.

    Pareto’s 20/80 rule is just as relevant in this sector as anywhere. 80% of Telecare support is still provided traditionally, delivering excellent value for all concerned, yet 80% of energies these days are expended on the 20% of ‘new Telecare technologies’

    Now let me be clear, I am not a naysayer and of course I recognise the enormous impact and value that ‘new’ Telecare, for want of a better phrase, delivers. But let’s not forget the bread and butter folks. I’m pleased to see Camden has not… But then Camden never has been a place of conformity, as any regular visitor to Camden Market on a sunny weekend will attest to.

  2. John Chambers London Telecare

    Camden’s You Tube Video
    Just picked up on the video and Leslie’s comments, with which I agree completely. Pendant/wrist alarms ARE the main market, and too many vulnerable people and their relatives are still blissfully unaware that these services exist! Well done, Camden, for making the video in a simple, direct way, and trying to promote your service via YouTube – a free media to which millions have access. The basic alarm service is the gateway to promoting other telecare and telehealth services, once the need has been identified.