Calling all health start-ups: get some free pitching practice from KPMG!

How can founders and early stakeholders get the experience they need to present their ideas in the best light?

KPMG’s Graduate Development Network (GDN) and KPMG Tech Growth are organising an event to help answer that question. Start-ups will be invited to KPMG’s presentation suite to present their pitch in a friendly but constructive environment.

In addition to the brightest young minds in KPMG today, the audience will also include members of KPMG Tech Growth. These individuals’ sole purpose is to support and engage with early stage and high growth technology companies. Senior management from KPMG’s core business and industry experts in Healthcare will also be invited to provide input and augment the audience’s experience. Speakers can benefit from the constructive feedback on offer, form valuable connections and enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere.

The event takes place on May 13th – if you’re interested, contact

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