Breaking & updated–Time’s Up! Ninth Circuit Court to Elizabeth Holmes: proceed to Federal prison. District Court: surrender 30 May, pay $452M in restitution with Sunny.

Breaking/Updated. With the bail pending appeal denied, it was back to Judge Davila and the US District Court to determine a new surrender date to a Federal penitentiary. That date is now 30 May. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Elizabeth Holmes’ appeal did not meet the standard for a further delay of her sentence–that it raised a substantial question of law or fact–and that her motion for bail pending appeal was denied. The ruling by the three-judge panel was brief and is here (PDF) with the pertinent text below:

Appellant’s motion for bail pending appeal (Docket Entry Nos. 36-38) is
denied. Appellant has not shown that: (1) the appeal raises a “substantial question”
of law or fact that is “fairly debatable,” and (2) if that question is decided in
appellant’s favor, the likely outcome is reversal, an order for a new trial on all
counts resulting in imprisonment, a sentence that includes no term of
imprisonment, or a sentence with a term of imprisonment less than time served
plus the expected duration of the appeal process. {USC and Hardy references snipped}

The existing briefing schedule remains in effect.

The appeal remains ongoing. The Ninth Circuit could require a new trial or a fresh sentence, but Holmes will be in prison serving time while the appeals court reviews it. Her chances of receiving any changes as a result of this appeal can be characterized as slim to none.

The defense requested self-surrender on 30 May (2 weeks) and Judge Davila granted it two hours later today (Wednesday). That motion is here with Judge Davila’s order is here. The judge had recommended the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) at Bryan, Texas, but a final assignment confirmation is to be confirmed by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).  Mercury News

Also Tuesday, Judge Davila set the full amount of restitution to those defrauded by Theranos as $452 million. Both she and Sunny Balwani will be jointly liable for the restitution amount. It is higher than the $381 million the judge used for sentencing purposes [TTA 9 March] but this Editor notes that the AP stated that it is joint. There is an additional $25 million in promissory notes signed by Holmes which are part of a civil action [TTA 25 March]. How this restitution breaks out will require an examination of that restitution decision.

One wonders if Liz or Elizabeth (pictured above) will be the woman serving and paying off this amount, if one believes the incredible tale by Holmes in the New York Times two weeks ago. It’s a lot of bag lunches. Mercury News 

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