Bayer’s G4A accelerator awards agreements with KinAptic, Agamon, Cyclica (DE)

KinAptic (US), Agamon (Israel/UK), and Cyclica (Canada) are the three winners of Bayer’s 100 day G4A accelerator program. They now move to collaboration agreements with Bayer to further develop their products and services.

The final three were picked from six who were awarded a 100-day intensive in Berlin from the end of August. They in turn were selected from over 1,800 competitors from 100 countries. All six represent an interesting spread of innovative companies that have developed specialized applications that can positively impact everyday patient health.

KinAptic specializes in biometric wearables, including VR and sensor-based electrical stimulation, for several medical applications: stroke rehabilitation, pain mitigation, muscle re-education, fitness tracking, strength training, and tremor mitigation. KinAptic was one of the winners of MedStartr Momentum 2017 in NYC, which was co-sponsored by Bayer G4A. (TTA is a sponsor and supporter of MedStartr, including Momentum 2017).

Agamon is a healthcare intelligence platform that collects, structures, and evaluates data to support clinical trial candidate identification out of unstructured medical reports. With Bayer, they plan to deploy their platform into two to three hospitals as a testing ground.

Cyclica uses AI and biophysics to accelerate drug development. Specifically, they are developing algorithms based on biophysics to gain new insights into the polypharmacological profiles of small molecules and to expedite discovery of new medicines through structural pharmacogenomics.

The three runners up were OME (personalized health coaching–UK), S-There Technologies (health data via urinalysis–ES), and Zencorlabs (AI for heart failure–DE). We look for more news from all six in the future. Hat tip to Joseph Curcio of KinAptic via LinkedIn. Bayer G4A announcements: winners and the accelerator program.

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