Avizia talks Telemedicine Down Under

Telemedicine startup Avizia, which revealed last week its $11 million Series A fund raise, has been promoting itself through a webinar series. Unusually for a US company, it has presented panels discussing telemedicine in Canada and this month, Australia. (It also has operations ex-US in Australia and UK, and was a sponsor of SFT-15 in Brisbane last November.) The panelists were Dr. Victoria Wade (University of Adelaide), Dr Anthony Smith (University of Queensland) and Dr Sisiri Edirippulige (Queensland). Topics discussed in the hour webinar were:

  • Aging population with increased rates of chronic diseases
  • Density of care providers in urban areas, but 1/3 of the Australian population lives in rural communities
  • Government funding for telehealth video consultations
  • Incentives to expand or develop new telehealth programs
  • Increased familiarization with the technology; expectations are changing on how to obtain care

The recorded webinar is available here.

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