Are you a doctor interested in helping design healthy buildings?

If so, there’s a professor at Reading University’s School of Construction Management and Engineering, Derek Clements-Croome, who want to meet you!

He firmly believes that those in building design need to work more with medics because they have valuable valid data about how the body and mind react in everyday environments. He is keen to learn about for example how heart rates, blood oxygenation, glucose levels and so on change when people stand and when they sit. This will help promote active working, based on real evidence that medics have. Building sickness syndrome and musculoskeletal conditions are highly relevant too. In 2013 in UK there were 131 million days off work; 60—90% of workers say they under-perform due to the poor physical environmental conditions. This costs about £100 billion per year. We could help to relieve pressure on doctors and NHS if we had healthier buildings (where we spend about 90% of our time)!

Apparently at the turn of the eighteenth century the French physician Xavier Bichat wrote a lot about the effects of poor air quality but after then the professions diverged.

Prof Croome is very keen to talk to any doctors interested and knowledgeable in these matters that would like to explore mutually beneficial collaboration. Email him at

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