Anyone doubting the benefits of clinical mobile access, read on…

Yes of course it is a survey produced by a supplier, so possibly a trifle biased, however EU News’s  item on the benefits of mobile access by community health people makes a very strong case for good access to clinical information when visiting patients that makes sense.

Notable quotes include:

Lack of access to patient information in real-time is affecting the ability of 88% of community health workers to perform their roles…

70% of participants said mobile working technology had resulted in greater patient involvement in care and the management of conditions, and had also improved the quality of visits, with more time focused on treatment.

Almost a fifth of respondents said they spent more than ten hours a week, the equivalent of more than two hours per day, on a combination of travelling back to base to file reports, and other administrative tasks – time that could be spent providing enhanced patient care or home visits.

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