Alyson Bell appointed TSA managing director (UK)

The successful candidate for the post of managing director [TTA item Jan 2013] is Alyson Bell, who now resigns her appointment as Chair of the Association. She will be taking up the post in May. In a letter to TSA members making the announcement, Trevor Single, TSA Chief Executive, was at pains to point out that she was selected from an initial field of 30 applicants, 5 of whom were interviewed.

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  1. Tomas

    Hmmmm – bound to have more inside knowledge of the Association, which would come across quite clearly at interview to give a clear advantage

  2. Mark

    Clearly TSA are comfortable with themselves and their direction, as promotion from “within” indicates more of the same?

  3. Jo

    I’m confused by the hierarchy of a member’s Not for Profit organisation such as the TSA. The Chief Executive is selected by a panel of board members headed by the chairman. Now the Managing Director (who wasn’t needed when the organisation had hundreds of service provider members but is needed since they’ve lost or are losing half of them) is selected by a panel chaired by the Chief Executive. So who actually runs and controls this organisation – not the members for sure? Though the appointment of a woman is welcome (and I wish her well) – it’s a little worrying that the TSA keeps on attracting controversy in its appointment of officers and subcontractors.