Tunstall, CATCH, HMA Digital developing mobile platform

Tunstall is making the news again, this time in developing a mobile platform for healthcare management, information and to support independent living for people with long-term conditions. The mHealth Assist concept is being designed in collaboration with two parties:  the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) at the University of Sheffield, and HMA Digital Marketing. CATCH’s contribution focuses on needs of vulnerable people–dementia, visual and communication impairments–and will be defining what is most useful. HMA is the lead digital developer for the working mobile prototype to be tested with various user groups. The marketer and project is also supported by investment from the Creative England NHS Digital Fund. Beyond this the release is unfortunately vague on specifics for the mobile platform, with no mention of Tunstall’s tablet-based ‘my world’ [TTA 21 Feb].

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