The ‘digital premium’ in the future of health, housing, and social care explored in new GGI paper

A new paper by the Good Governance Institute (GGI), Resetting the digital premium, outlines the impact of embracing digital across public services. It is about what the ‘digital premium’ is, why it matters,  and how to move forward with digital technology in the health, housing, and social care areas. For boards in these areas, it provides practical advice and guidance on finding the best ways to provide comprehensive, high-quality digital services. Andrew Corbett-Nolan, CEO of GGI, added that “This paper comes at an incredibly important time, as boards have the opportunity to use digital products with a new approach to support the move forward from the ongoing Covid pandemic.”

Funded by a grant by Legrand Care, the report explores four themes at the heart of the digital premium: place, predictive technology and population health, security and wellbeing at home, and new digital standards. It is the second paper in the series, the first published in 2020 [TTA 26 Feb 2020].

The GGI created this report using multiple methods including desktop research, interviews, roundtables with NHS and other key public, third sector, and private organizations (in the UK and internationally), with an editorial board made up of senior health, housing, and social care leaders. 

Chris Dodd, CEO of Legrand Care, noted that “I welcome this latest whitepaper from the GGI and fully support the premise that connecting digital ‘thinking and doing’ with good governance enables proper stewardship of public assets and the public interest, but in doing so we must continue to tackle the digital divide and ensure we bring all on this transformational journey. This connection grounds strategic digital issues in real accountability, not just in organizations but in new networks, systems, and collaborations between organizations on which the future evolution of health, housing, and social care depends.”

The free five-part report is available for download on the Tynetec website. A tip of our cap to Kathryn Burton of Legrand Care for this news, and Legrand Care and Tynetec for their continued support of Telehealth & Telecare Aware. Their release is here.

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