Telehealth accelerating transplant patients’ recovery in Italy

The Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and High Specialisation Therapies (Ismett) is a major transplant centre in Italy and has been running a trial with post-transplant patients in partnership with Intel-GE Care Innovations. “The study is still ongoing but the signs are encouraging. Early results that compare a control group of patients who did not use telehealth with those that had suggest that the technology accelerated patient recovery, allowing for early discharge and reduced readmissions – even for patients with complex clinical conditions. And by encouraging regular monitoring, healthcare staff have felt empowered to act sooner to avoid any lapses in a patient’s convalescence and any consequent re-hospitalisation…In fact there have been no readmissions in the intervention group so far, compared to several in the control group.” Italian organ transplant centre trials telehealth The Guardian.

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