Telecare and call system integration (Canada)

Telecare and sensor-based monitoring may now be occupying a smaller, quieter corner of the health tech boom, having been through its own hype curve, but worth noting is the story of Vigil Health Solutions of Vancouver BC Canada which has concentrated on sensor-based support of dementia patients living in assisted living ‘memory care’ areas, hybrid call systems and bed monitoring, hardwired systems, perimeter monitoring and resident check-in. Steve Moran’s interview with CEO Troy Griffiths touches on tech that looked like it met a need, but proved impractical; the need for unobtrusive assistance to improve the quality of life for residents with dementia; the fragmented marketplace in call systems; system integration difficulties; how Wi-Fi is not proving ideal for networking; and how fall detection is still the out-of-reach Holy Grail. (Caveat–Mr. Moran is with Vigil but also blogs on a wide variety of topics on his Senior Housing Forum) A perspective on Emergency Call Systems and Senior Housing Technology

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