Simpalarm: A venture into within-family telecare has some nice features (UK)

Simpalarm is a new company bravely venturing into the UK telecare market. Accepting the premise that the ability to raise an alert through a press-button device and around-the-home sensors is what is required by many people, Simpalarm uses today’s technology to strip the system back to bare bones. A landline is not necessary because alerts go directly by SMS to friends, neighbours, family, housing provider, etc. and response is not moderated through a call centre (although one assumes it could be). If sensors are added to the system, it is possible for alerts to be triggered when the occupier’s activity deviates from normal patterns. The nicest feature (apart from the hype-free product description) is that the hub is cleverly and semi-permanently attached to the power source, which is a standard UK double electrical socket, so there are no wires that can become unplugged or cut. Download the one-page Simpalarm description (PDF) and visit the website, for further information.