Singing a song–of telemedicine (after you, McCartney!)

On the lighter side of health tech, we celebrate Sir Paul McCartney’s 75th birthday (surely you jest!), his promotion to a Queen’s Companion of Honour and a few birthdays of people we know with this reworking of ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ by one of our Readers (see below)

When I get older, thinking of health
Just two years from now

Seeing my doctor via video chat
Manage my vitals, ten seconds flat

Hey Dr. Dermo Is this a mole?
Or is it something more?

Manage my bills, reminders for pills
When I’m sixty-four

You’ll be older too
And if you click right here,
This can work for you.

Video for exercise and good things to eat
Keep me fit and trim
Feeling kind of sickly at a quarter to three
Need that prescription waiting for me.

Asking an expert is it sleep apnea?
Or just a very bad snore?
Manage my plans, sharing my scans
When I’m sixty-four.

Contributed by Howard Reis, founder of HEALTHePRACTICES in Westchester, NY, which performs business development and consulting for companies involved in all aspects of telemedicine. Their largest clients include a teleradiology service provider and a telehealth platform provider focused on remote patient monitoring and elder care.

(Note to Readers: Editor Donna is on leave this week. Regular postings will resume after June 26)

Some New York-area events of interest April-May

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Long-time Reader Howard Reis of telemedicine and teleradiology consultancy HEALTHePRACTICES  has advised us of two free and related events in the Westchester (NY metro) area of interest to entrepreneurs. Both are 21 April at the BioInc Incubator at Westchester Medical College, Valhalla NY.

The first is the bi-monthly iCAN NY breakfast from 8:30 to 10:30 am with the overall topic of commercialization of technologies, with talks from Mr Reis on industry healthcare trends and Michael and Stanley Goldstein from law firm Becker & Poliakoff on corporate governance. Registration via email to Les Neumann, iCAN NY managing director, at

The second is a half day ‘Pitch to the Angels’ sponsored by Westchester Angels and Westfair Communications starting at 9:30am through lunch closing at 1:30pm for local entrepreneurs (Westchester and Fairfield counties). It is a two-part event open to startups, entrepreneurs, investors and spectators. You can sign up for the morning or the lunchtime session, or both. Three or four businesses will be pitching in the pm session. Information here. Registration here. Interested in pitching? Submit to be considered here but hurry–it closes 8 April. Contact is Danielle Brody at

d.Health Summit on 4 May at the NY Academy of Sciences in NYC is focusing this year on a worthy topic, ‘Aging in Place.’ There’s a roster of speakers from the usual journalist, payer and academic suspects, perhaps too many for one day, for your $695 registration. Unfortunately your locally-based Editor, after several fruitless attempts to contact the organizers, cannot offer any further information beyond the website or an endorsement.

Having attended the much-touted MUSE-Klick Health NY evening soireé this past Wednesday, which attempted to be over the top (High Line District! Industrial Converted to Art Space!), it wound up being uninspiring (except for 18 year old Claire Wineland, a young CF patient), barely health-oriented and embarrassingly self-referential. Circulation’s non-emergency health transportation for the 3.6 million Americans who miss medical appointments weekly due to lack of transport, beside a good idea, also had a pretty cool Mini Clubman on display. I left at the break in search of the previous two hours+ spent (at the end of a busy day in a busy week). Caveat emptor increasingly applies to events, yes?