Health tech growing in Brazil

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]We hear relatively little about health tech developments in Latin America–and in a region with huge healthcare needs and population at all income levels, it has great potential. EmpreenderSaúde (roughly ‘to undertake health’) is looking to change that with events (including Meetups, Twitter @EmpreenderSaude and a Facebook page) that present local healthcare entrepreneurs and help to educate them on both business and healthcare. This report on their 6 August meeting features diagnostic medicine company Grupo Fleury and Projeto Dom, an initiative supporting not-for profit healthcare organizations; Saútil, a online information site providing information on Brazil’s public healthcare system; healthy food company Natue; and Medicinia which is a secure website for physicians to follow-up with their patients. The face of the rising stars on the EmpreenderSaúde website