MediSafe Project for medication compliance launched (Israel)

MediSafe Project, based in Haifa, Israel, has developed an Android and iPhone medication reminder app that both advises the user and alerts family members when medications are not taken. The HealthWorks Collective article claims MediSafe is the first cloud-based mobile med reminder app (which Editor Donna questions, thinking of Merck’s Vree and Janssen’s Care4Today here in the US), but what is interesting here is the potential for big data analytics; according to the CEO, “which demographics have higher non-compliance for a drug compared to the general population, the doctors or areas that have the lowest prescription rates with a city, competitive drugs patients are switching to, and so on.” This big data is clearly the revenue model, as the app is free on Google Play and the iTunes App store worldwide in multiple languages for Android (iTunes English only). Interestingly, the reminder system is being translated shortly to an automated phone system for those with simple or feature phones.

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