Mayo Clinic’s Victor Montori MD calls for a ‘patient revolt’ for ‘careful and kind care’

Have a listen…This Editor has kept an eye on Dr. Victor Montori’s concept of ‘minimally disruptive medicine’ which seeks to fit the medical treatment to what the patient can handle through shared decision making, reducing the burden on both doctor and patient. He has recently published a book titled ‘Why We Revolt: A patient revolution for careful and kind care’. ‘Careful’ and ‘kind’ don’t immediately come to mind in this force-fed world of HEDIS quality scores, 31 ACO quality measures, HCAHPS hospital surveys, patient compliance, Ezekiel Emanuel, and the drive to measure every pill, footstep, and mouthful you take via your smartwatch or -phone–then ‘big data’ it.

Dr. Montori makes the case for balancing the agendas between doctor and patient, bringing back empathy, kindness, and respect in that relationship, with the goal to ensuring that “care fits into life and does not demand more than is sensible.” This 15-minute interview journeys from the medical privations Dr. Montori witnessed in his native Peru to his current work as an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic. You’ll want to buy the book after you listen. (And he should have included doctors in that revolt as well.) Podcast at Health News Review/Health News Watchdog.

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