Legal roundup: Dorsata sues athenahealth, provider group on trade secret theft, Nevada terms Friday Health Plans

Dorsata, a women’s health-focused EHR, filed a lawsuit on 19 July against athenahealth and provider group Unified Women’s Healthcare. The suit has nine counts that allege unfair and deceptive acts and practices, breach of oral contract, breach of fiduciary duty, common law fraud, unjust enrichment, theft of trade secrets, tortious interference with current customers, breach of nondisclosure agreement, and commercial disparagement. 

A joint venture that went very sideways. After Unified purchased Women’s Health USA in 2021, an existing customer of Dorsata, athenahealth approached Dorsata to create a joint solution to pitch to Unified. According to Dorsata, which signed a non-disclosure agreement, Dorsata provided trade secrets to athenahealth and the two made oral agreements to approach Unified as a joint venture. Dorsata developed a software product for this, vU, but to finance it had to borrow $6 million from athenahealth. Unbeknownst to Dorsata, athenahealth created its own version of vU using Dorsata’s information to sell into Unified, cutting out Dorsata. Provisions in the promissory note prevented Dorsata from competing with athenahealth. Unified is also named as a defendant as it aided athenahealth’s actions and failed to act while athenahealth cut Dorsata out of their business. 

The suit has been filed in the civil court of Suffolk County, Massachusetts and is searchable here. Dorsata is seeking damages incurred from a loss of expected profits, the value of injury to reputation, a loss of company valuation, the value of future lost business as well as damages for unlawfully gained commercial marketplace advantage. “We’ve been severely damaged, and we hope the court will rectify the situation,” David Fairbrothers, cofounder and CEO of Dorsata, told Mobihealthnews in an email. athenahealth has stated that the suit is ‘without merit’. Becker’s

Friday Health Plan’s last state, Nevada, shuts down their plans. The Nevada Division of Insurance is terminating all Friday plans effective 31 August. After the liquidation on 1 September, Nevada Life and Health Insurance Guaranty will pay provider claims through 31 August. Approximately 2,000 members of Friday’s plans will have to scramble to find coverage on Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange ( during the special enrollment period (SEP) ending 31 October. The Nevada exchange offers six different health plan carriers with 100 different options. Nevada, like Colorado, had hoped that the plan might survive until the end of the year. Earlier this month, Colorado terminated Friday Health Plans [TTA 20 July]. Friday leaves behind a lot of members in the lurch, providers who are wondering if their states will pay them, over 300 former employees, state insurance departments having to guarantee hundreds of millions in payments in seven states, and embarrassment by the state regulators and by CMS. FierceHealthcare, Nevada DOI release

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