Is ‘independence’ the key reason people value telecare and telehealth?

Appello asked delegates at the International Telecare and Telehealth Conference – and Twitter users following the event – to fill in the blank in the following question: “I believe what service users value most is…”. They created the video below to demonstrate their findings. It identifies that key words used by delegates were; ‘independence’, ‘reassurance’, ‘peace of mind’ and ‘convenience’.

Carl Atkey, head of Appello said: “We wanted to get real insight into how people in the telehealth and telecare industry think patients perceive telehealth. Words like ‘independence’ illustrate that telehealth and telecare can provide a real life-line to the people at the heart of the service, who often have no one else to rely on or who would like to have greater control over their long term condition. We want to obtain as many views as possible, so if you would like to tell us your opinion, tweet @talk2appello.”

[This video is no longer available on this site but may be findable via an internet search]
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