Indian Health adopting telemedicine in Southern California for diabetes treatment

Tribal-owned Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, which serves nine tribes through seven health centers in the ‘Inland Empire’ of California, is adopting telemedicine to reach Native American patients and reduce their rate of diabetes. According to an Indian Health spokesperson, Native Americans constitute the largest diabetic population in the world and are 177 percent more likely to die from the disease. In San Bernardino County alone, 13 percent of adults are diabetic, and nearly 80 percent are overweight or obese. The initial program brought endocrinologists serving other Western tribes in on video consults with doctors in Indian Health clinics. Later rollout of the program will include pulmonology, cardiology, gerontology and dermatology. The market potential for telehealth remote patient monitoring–better information and analytics for clinicians, self-monitoring training and education for patients–could be substantial here for companies willing to invest time, learning and to build relationships. California Healthline. FierceHealth IT

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