Gamification in the US; any great examples closer to home?

In spite of gamification being at the peak of inflated expectations in the 2013 Gartner Hype Cycle, here’s a great example from the US journal Pediatrics of its use to encourage young people with cancer to improve their medication adherence.  The subject was also covered in the BBC’s Click (starts 13.55 into the programme), and the Hope Labs website is here

…which prompts the question as to where the best examples of gamification use to improve health & wellbeing are on this side of the Atlantic. I ask because I am in the process of pulling together the agenda for the Royal Society of Medicine’s one day event on April 10th next year entitled “Playing games, using apps, promoting wellbeing”, which follows the RSM’s sellout apps event this year: I am keen to arrange presentations of the best gamification examples that our small speaker expenses budget can afford.

Please give your nomination via the comment facility for this post – those judged to be the best will be invited to present, and will be showcased here too.

Many thanks to Mike Short for pointing me to the Pediatrics article and Click.

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