European celebrity, cash and consultation: any interest?

Some interesting opportunities!

Firstly, how about nominating your favourite European Web Entrepreneur for a Europioneers Award? There are four categories including ‘youth’ and ‘gazelle’, so plenty of scope there.

Secondly perhaps you might like to participate in an EU health & wellbeing Horizon 2020 project bid? The 2014-2015 work program is here. More details on the Healthtech and Medicines KTN site.

Thirdly and finally, how about responding (by September 24th) to the public consultation which has been launched by the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn on the role of ICT in European cities? Sadly the email launching the consultation only mentions “integrated city management, planning, energy use, transport etc.” so there’s an opportunity to point out the importance of health, particularly.

Hat tip to Prof Mike Short for two of the above.

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