Disrupting the hospital room

The new frontier of disruption is design. Long-term housing for the cognitively impaired is being rethought [TTA 4 Oct]–why not the hospital room, when the last big change in the US was going from wards to semi-private and private rooms? The typical hospital room now houses tons of technology, but resembles a spaghetti bowl of wires and also is a nexus of nosocomial infections. Rethinking it is NXT Health’s Patient Room 2020 designed with a team from Clemson University’s Healthcare + Architecture Graduate Program and with support from the US Department of Defense. The many interesting features include mood adjustment, noise blocking, hand sanitization stations before room entry, nonporous flat surfaces on equipment and seamless flooring for efficient sanitization, UV light for same and multiple built-ins. Wall Street Journal article, full size illustration with callouts.

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