Bayer AG enters the healthcare accelerator game (DE)

Bayer HealthCare AG’s Grants4Apps program announced its support of five startups that, in their words, will support improved outcomes or pharmaceutical processes. Unlike companies like GE or Pfizer, Bayer is outright granting a substantial amount of cash to each–€ 50,000–and offering space plus 3 1/2 months of mentoring in their Berlin HQ in return for the usual small equity stake. Of 70 applications, five were granted to European companies which will have their Demo Day on 1 December:

  • Cortrium:  their C3 device is a state-of-the-art wearable tech sensor for clinical-quality hospital wireless monitoring of health data including electrocardiogram (ECG), body surface temperature, respiratory rate, and body posture/physical activity. Blood oxygen and blood pressure to come in 2015. (Denmark, spun off from Nokia R&D)
  • PharmAssistantself-management tool for chronic disease patients, consisting of a smart pill container and a remote cloud-based monitoring service (Portugal)
  • FabUlyzer: proprietary nano-sensors analyze breath to provide an indication of fat-burning during and after activities (Spain and UK)
  • Parica: contactless detection systems to analyze vital signs and recommend doctor’s visit if warning signs are detected (Germany)
  • Qompium: the CardiMoni smartphone application which measures heart rate and rhythm, then connects to clinicians (Netherlands)

For the disappointed, there’s an area on the website where your company can be notified of future grant opportunities. Also

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