Babylon Health to go private in June as shares plummet, Q1 loss increases 117%

Babylon Health revealed its long-expected move to go back private, in conjunction with rising revenue, but also losses. Today (10 May) Babylon announced an agreement between it and AlbaCore Capital LLP that provided interim funding of $34.5 million. This buys time to implement a framework agreement between Babylon and AlbaCore to restructure and recapitalize the company to strengthen their balance sheet and provide additional liquidity. The ‘Take Private Proposal’ has the core operating subsidiaries of Babylon returning to private ownership as the ‘Go-Forward Business’ and sold to a newly formed entity capitalized by AlbaCore and other investors. Their additional debt will be amended and/or extended, such as AlbaCore’s $300 million principal amount of AlbaCore notes due 2026.

Timing: interim funding is May-early June and the Take Private Proposal is later in June. Class A and other equity shareholders will be left out in the cold as no payments will be made to them as AlbaCore will be exercising rights under its debt agreements with Babylon. 10 May release

After a cracked SPAC on the NYSE via Alkuri Global Acquisition that Ali Parsa finally admitted was a mistake with a share price that declined from $272 per share to around $11, selling non-core businesses like the Meritage IPA, reorganizing as a foreign private issuer to a domestic one, and the reverse share split on 15 December, a temporary fix that barely boosted the price, the remaining rabbit out of a hat is to go private. Mr. Market did not much care for the move, with the shares taking a further crack from Tuesday’s close of $6.88 to today’s close of $2.05.

Babylon’s Q1 results were further confirmation that all the bad news is being lumped together with some progress. Their total revenue was $311.1 million which was a tidy $44.7 million (16.7%) increase over Q1 2022’s $266.4 million, but missed Street expectations by $25.8 million. Their problem was that the net loss of $63.2 million, a (20.3)% net loss margin, was 117% greater than last year’s loss of $29.1 million or (10.9%) margin. Net income in Q1 2022 included a $78.8 million gain primarily relating to the Company going public, which made it look better than it was. Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) totaled $45.8 million, compared with $82.6 million in Q1 2022. 

Progress was made on their value-based care revenue mix with a brand new digital-first commercial exchange product, Ambetter (Centene), that moved non-Medicaid VBC revenue to 60%. It also exceeded projections with 38% membership growth YTD with encouraging engagement numbers: members are 12+ times faster to register and have demonstrated 8x engagement rates. There was also some impressive growth in their UK Private business, with appointment growth of 83% to 186,000.

With the announcement that they are going private, Babylon withdrew its full-year 2023 revenue (originally targeted to be over $1 billion), adjusted EBITDA guidance, plus its mid-2024 target for adjusted EBITDA profitability that was issued on 9 March–and canceled their earnings call scheduled for today (10 May). Earnings release.  Also Mobihealthnews

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