A virtual reality version of dementia

[grow_thumb image=”https://telecareaware.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/virtual-dementia-experience@2x.jpg” thumb_width=”175″ /]The Virtual Dementia Experience simulates for caregivers and other medical professionals the visual distortions typically suffered by those with dementia. Designed by four graduates of Australia’s Swinburne University, it was built on the Unreal Game Engine to run on Microsoft Kinect or Oculus Rift VR. VDE recently won the World Citizenship Award at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. It is is being developed commercially by Swinburne spin-off company Opaque Multimedia. (It would have been neat to have a video simulation on the website.) It reminds this Editor of a training developed by Second Wind Dreams which more fully simulates the visual, hearing, perceptual and behavioral effects of dementia to heighten sensitivity among caregivers.  Gizmag

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