Soapbox: Further thoughts on CarelineUK, O2 & WSD

The many, excellent, comments on O2’s withdrawal of their current telecare & telehealth offerings in the UK market, most notably from my fellow editor Alasdair Morrison, have prompted further thoughts on the post about CarelineUK’s 25th anniversary earlier today: what will CarelineUK,  and other organisations like it, look like in 25 years’ time?

Perhaps the most significant change that appears to be coming in the area of telemonitoring is  (more…)

CarelineUK celebrates 25th Anniversary

Congratulations to CarelineUK on the 25th anniversary of the receipt of their first emergency call.  According to the announcement on their website they are now the largest monitoring centre in the UK, covering over 110,000 service users across the country.  Over 120 people work at their New Forest call centre which has the ability to integrate telecare & telehealth monitoring. and is compatible with digital networks.