Wearables – a neat graphic, some thoughts, and a question for readers

Thanks to Prof Mike Short for drawing our attention to a neat infographic on wearables. It’s quite something to see an area of personal electronics that is currently so hot that doesn’t yet feature an Apple logo – it cannot be long.

One aspect of wearables that might also make an interesting (though challenging to get right) infographic would be information privacy. Counting apps that turn smartphones into activity trackers as virtual wearables, Jonah Cornstock has an excellent piece just published on how the acquisition by Facebook of Moves has resulted in significant changes in the commitment by Moves not to share personal data.

Meanwhile Vandrico now lists 218 wearable products, almost double the 118 we mentioned when we first drew readers’ attention to this site in mid February 2014 – surely not a growth rate that can be sustained for long! One feature that may sort the sheep from the goats is durability. As this editor is shortly to receive his third Jawbone UP in a year, we would be most interested in readers’ experiences of the longevity of wearables – should we be promoting those brands that produce “hardwearables”, or is this editor just unlucky?

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