mHealth: too much to blog, too little time

As always the question is where to start? Perhaps with the FT headline ‘Powerhouse’ UK leads Europe app development, says research, a piece by Daniel Thomas on some research sponsored by Google & Tech City UK. A full version of the report is here. Key findings are that the UK:

  • Has become the largest tech hub in Europe for app development;
  • Received a third of revenues generated from mobile software in Europe last year;
  • Is the base for almost a fifth of European developers of smartphone applications;
  • is believed to be the world’s second most important tech hub after the US;
  • Has about 8,000 companies involved in app development, employing close to 400,000 people.

Apparently almost half of app developers and designers in the UK generate most of their income from apps, although a fifth generate no income from apps at all but rather see them as a hobby.

Staying with the FT, Prof Mike Short has kindly also pointed this editor to another article entitled (more…)

Are mHealth apps sharing your data with pharma and insurance companies?

As a further postscript to our recent post on mHealth apps, the Financial Times has just published an article offering a worrying new angle. According to the FT, the “top 20” health & wellness apps are sharing data on you with third parties that, the FT reckons, may include pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

They report that: “Regulations bar the tracking and selling of individuals’ specific medical and  prescription records. Yet some companies are figuring out ways around those  restrictions by building digital health profiles about people based on their use  of the web and mobile apps.”

Perhaps a case of reading those Ts & Cs carefully before pressing ‘accept’?