Small scale telehealth is effective says The Guardian

A very interesting article in The Guardian (UK) on Monday (16 December) that argues for small scale telehealth implementations. [grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /] Dick Vinegar (aka the Patient from Hell) reports in the article from a telehealth conference organised by the Health Service Journal last month where some examples of  successful small scale implementations were presented.

He questions the conventional approach of implementing telehealth for a selective set of conditions such as diabetes and COPD that are considered to be particularly suited to telehealth and supports a proposal from one participant at the conference who suggested selecting patients according their frequency of attending hospital. I am not convinced that is necessarily a viable alternative as patients may attend hospital frequently for a variety of reasons many of which could not be substituted by a home monitoring solution.

Finally Vinegar considers the benefits of Flo, the “simple telehealth” developed within the NHS in the UK. I recommend a read of the full article.

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