mHealth vs Ebola – more

Following on from our previous item that included links on how mHealth is helping in the fight against the Ebola virus, and our subsequent item on a virus-killing robot, Prof Mike Short has kindly shared some  more links with a GSMA healthcare focus.

The first of these items explains how the GSMA, the ITU and the Internet Society are joining forces to fight against Ebola. The three organizations will bring together the global telecommunications and Internet communities, to leverage their extensive reach, capacity and respective memberships to increase the effectiveness of information and communications technologies (ICTs), especially mobile communications and the Internet, for better preparedness, early warning and response.

The sharing of mobile phone data is particularly important as this recent article in the Economist explained. This GSMA item on Ebola Mobile Response gives significant detail on Phase I of an ultimately three phase approach involving use of mobile data. That is part of the overall GSMA approach to disaster response.

Finally, here is a GSMA case study on how working with a particular country – in this case South Africa – can bring real health benefits. The GSMA mHealth team commenced engagement in South Africa in March 2013, with the aim of

  • Supporting existing national strategic health priorities and initiatives to reduce fragmentation
  • Supporting implementation of mHealth services
  • Identifying a sustainable business case
  • Aligning the health and mobile industries to reduce barriers and integrate mobile and ICT into the health system



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