2013 fitness tracker sales…and a personal experience

As someone who has been wearing a Jawbone UP for some five months, I was interested to read that Mobihealthnews reports on a (pay-walled) survey that shows Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike as sharing 97% of the activity tracker market in 2013 present, the split being 68%, 19% & 10%, respectively (the rest 3%).

At the same time that news agency, along with others, reports on the rash apparently created by the recently-introduced Fitbit Force on some people. Closer to home, I have had cause to scrutinise my own rights as the push-button on my UP failed three weeks back. The bracelet is apparently so popular just now that it took a little while to get a replacement. (When that arrived I was asked to return the failed one to Ireland at my cost so I had to do a little educating on EU consumer rights).

I bought the UP as I needed to track my activity closely following a knee operation in August that required a careful post-op build-up. There’s no doubt it has changed me for the better – for example I sleep about 15 minutes longer each night than I did when I started and I am much more conscious of my daily activity level than I used to be, leading to a useful weight loss. The only irritation is that the facility in the UP app  to record workouts and (if you forgot to press the button at night) sleep is consistently one day out so particularly if you want to record something before the current day, you need to take great care and even then seemingly it’s a bit hit and miss. I understand a fix has been requested.

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