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The train, plane and car wreck that is and Obamacare

...piecemeal fixes on a website and system that increase the vulnerability of personal information to hackers and identity theft–and coverage they cannot afford. (And this is only in the individual and small group market. Wait till it applies to large employers–other than unions which have been exempted.) If the goal of Obamacare (the signature act of this president) was to provide a certain baseline of acceptable, affordable coverage to those uninsured or marginally insured, and to contribute to the Triple Aim which HHS has trumpeted for years–it is a complete, utter, break-the-bank failure. Editor Donna is one of the millions... Continue Reading

Changes at the top at Tunstall

...long been rumored. The company recently received some unflattering attention on its (fully legal) usage of the Quoted Eurobond Exemption in The Independent [TTA 25 Oct]. This Editor notes that Mr. Stobart became CPPGroup’s CEO to manage the fallout after it was revealed in March 2011 that the FSA (Financial Services Authority) was investigating the company for mis-selling their bank card protection and identity theft products. After two years of struggle and a record £10.5 million FSA fine, four major banks dramatically rescued the company in July with an eleventh-hour £38 million refinancing, but the consequence of restructuring was that... Continue Reading’s broken UX guidelines’s Account Setup: 10 Broken Usability Guidelines Hat tip to former EIC Steve Hards. But perhaps that is being charitable. Now we find that even the bits that the administration praised as working–completed by the companies now dubbed the saviors of the system–are breaking down. Verizon’s Terremark data center, responsible for helping to determine the individual subsidies for the entire country, went dark on Sunday–and the QSSI hub, that connects to multiple agencies to obtain citizenship and confirm identity– also went down. And the search for the guilty goes on with Todd Park, the White House CTO and former... Continue Reading

700+ cybersquatters on, state exchanges

The Washington Examiner estimates that there are 700 or more ‘cyber-squatters’–the dodgy websites that have URLs close to a well-known name–on the Obamacare and the 14 state (plus District of Columbia) sites. Identity theft moves to a new and obvious level when it’s no hacking required. All thieves need to is to put up a legitimate-appearing website with the appropriate language and forms that ask for your name, address, income, date of birth and Social Security number, which is apparently what does. “[] is so well deceptively designed that I had to research the owner to verify that... Continue Reading

Startup accelerators come to Germany

Hubraum, based in Berlin, announced the seven startups in its program including health technology, an online education startup, a digital identity provider and a service that lets users monetize their own personal data (perhaps Primal Shield will find a way to pay back those QS Obsessives, but alas it’s only from the social network). Three out of the seven are in health tech: Goderma (teledermatology), OPTretina (teleopthamology) and PocketAid (rewards for your wait time in hospital or doctor’s office room). Hubraum is backed by Deutsche Telekom, launched 2012 and recently collaborated with two accelerators in Tel Aviv to bring early-stage... Continue Reading

The sea of security ‘red flags’ that is

...‘Wildman’ John McAfee) make for interesting reading: Cross-site request forgery ‘Clickjacking’–an invisible layer over the legitimate website Cookie theft, and not by the Cookie Monster Problematic verification from state to Federal, from legitimate third-party assistance, from brokers and so on Log in fraud–the happy hunting ground of hackers and DDOS attacks Warnings were apparent as early as 2 October [TTA 8 Oct]. And as our later coverage has explained, undoing all of this is near-impossible even with funding, in the less-than-a-month window till the crash time deadline in mid-November and then early January. Obamacare website security called ‘outrageous’: How safe... Continue Reading

VA Department data breaches soar (US)

If after the debacle, there’s still any confidence that centralized Federal systems are secure and trustworthy, please read this HealthcareITNews tally of the multiple data breaches and HIPAA violations taking place at the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). From 2010 through May 2013, VA department employees or contractors were responsible for 14,215 privacy breaches affecting more than 101,000 veterans across 167 VA facilities, including incidences of identity theft, stealing veteran prescriptions, Facebook posts concerning veterans’ body parts, and failing to encrypt data, a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review investigation revealed. The two-month investigation by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review published this weekend found... Continue Reading

Data insecurity in Obamacare insurance exchanges (US)

...points mean open windows for hackers and data thieves to crawl into–and profit from. We at TTA have been following healthcare-related data breaches and medical identity theft issues for at least two years, with our latest two months ago here on the exploding black market. When medical records’ black market value is estimated at an average of $50 per record–94 percent of health care organizations have had at least one breach in the past two years–and 2 million Americans were medical identity theft victims in 2011–it’s one unpleasant ‘pointer to the future.’ This Editor will let the latest mass media... Continue Reading

Doctor disciplined for using Skype for telemedicine consults

...better example was highlighted at the Epic EHR User Conference last week with Stanford (University) Hospital and Clinics. Epic has developed a software add-in for video consults which integrates three ways: 1) with the patient’s EHR, 2) with scheduling and keeping the appointments into the physician workflow and 3) with third-party identity verification services. The ease of use demonstrated in the Epic video is a real pointer to the future. An earlier telemedicine test was done with Stanford Dermatology and the Cisco HealthPresence platform. InformationWeek, ScienceRoll. Previously in TTA: Telemedicine in the TIME Swampland, HealthSpot, Netsmart ally for telemedicine kiosks... Continue Reading

Medical identity theft hits new highs

August ended with the report of the second highest-ever identity breach traced to a healthcare provider–4 million patient names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and clinical information, contained on four unencrypted Advocate Health System (Illinois) office computers. It was a ‘behemoth breach’ in Healthcare IT News‘ words and has led to the filing of a class-action lawsuit (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse). Now security consultant Ponemon Institute’s latest report, released yesterday, increases the breach anxiety level with its 2013 Survey on Medical Identity Theft: 1.84 million people in the US are currently affected by medical identity theft–and there were 313,000... Continue Reading