W/Me tracking wellness and ‘real age’ via stress

The W/Me wristband developed by California-based (where else?) Phyode turns colors based on key physical manifestations of mood, with the goal of helping wearers control them. It translates the data it collects into three scores: mental state, agility, and ANS age readable on a smartphone via Bluetooth. Mental state can be either passive, excitable, pessimistic, anxious, or ideally, balanced somewhere in the middle. Since this Editor can see exceptions in places like NYC and LA, one wonders if they are on a different scale. Perfect for your favorite QS-er along with their Jawbone or FitBit. W/Me is on Kickstarter and oversubscribed for a ship date of August.  Articles: PSFK/Boehringer Ingelheim blog, TechCrunch. Hat tip to TANN Ireland’s Toni Bunting.

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